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Pallotta Announces Endorsements from GOP Rising Stars Alyssa Kaye Dawson and Katie Cericola

November 18, 2019

Today, Frank T. Pallotta, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsements of two of the Republican Party’s brightest rising stars, Alyssa Kaye Dawson and Katie Cericola.

Pallotta announces six New Milford endorsements

November 14, 2019

Former investment banker Frank Pallotta announced six endorsements from current and former New Milford Republican office holders Thursday.

Democratic National Committee chair says N.J. municipal wins canceled out legislative losses

November 6, 2019

Sure, New Jersey Republicans flipped their first Democratic-held state Senate seat since 2007 and picked up at least two Democratic-held state Assembly seats Tuesday, while losing none of their own members.

RESULTS: Schepisi, Auth decisively reelected in LD39

November 6, 2019

Josh Gottheimer should be scared: tonight’s results across CD5 show a backlash against the tax and spend policies of Governor Murphy, in which Josh, in his silence, is complicit.

Election 2020 candidates hit the trail for 2019’s GOP nominees

November 4, 2019

Election 2020 looms large on the horizon. New Jersey politicians need to make it through Election 2019 first, so the growing collection of 2020 House hopefuls fanned out over the last week to campaign for legislative, county, and local candidates and, in the process, cultivate some goodwill for next spring’s primary contests.

NJ-05: GOP opponent says Gottheimer tried ‘to cater to Nancy Pelosi’ with impeachment vote

October 31, 2019

Frank Pallotta, one of the New Jersey Republican candidates seeking his party’s 2020 nomination in the Fifth Congressional District, had harsh words for his district’s Democrat incumbent Josh Gottheimer following Halloween’s House impeachment vote.

Van Drew is one of two Democratic congressmen nationally to oppose Trump impeachment

October 31, 2019

All but one New Jersey’s Democratic Members of Congress voted in favor of a procedural impeachment inquiry resolution Thursday.

Statement on the Death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

October 27, 2019

The significance of this successful mission cannot be understated. President Trump and our brave men and women in uniform deserve tremendous credit for fulfilling another promise, and, in doing so, making our world a safer place.

OPINION: In NJ-05, Frank Pallotta is everything Josh Gottheimer isn’t

October 24, 2019

It’s nice to be home after nearly a decade in the Marines. Leaving Bergen County wasn’t easy, but after 9/11 I felt a sense of duty that I could not ignore.

Nick De Gregorio Backs Pallotta For Congress

October 24, 2019

Today, Frank T. Pallotta, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District, is proud to announce the endorsement of Nick De Gregorio, a Marine veteran, businessman, and Bergen County community leader. Nick will join and serve as Senior Advisor to the Pallotta for Congress campaign.