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Frank Pallotta Enters 2022 Congressional Race (CD5)

April 26, 2021

Ramsey, NJ – Frank Pallotta, political outsider and businessman announced today that he is running for Congress in NJ’s 5th Congressional District.
I am officially announcing my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives representing the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey.
In 2020, I worked hard to earn the support of nearly 200,000 citizens who entrusted me with their hopes for the future, through their vote. Now I must ask them again for their trust and support. My promise to them is that I will continue to work tirelessly over the next 19 months to return New Jersey’s 5th District back to common sense representation. 

I’ve lived in North Jersey for over 30 years and my goal is to reflect the common sense values of the people of North Jersey. I will endeavor to work with all, be bound by none, and promise never to compromise the values, principles, and beliefs our great country was founded on. 

I am a businessperson and a political outsider. Josh Gottheimer on the other hand, is a career member of the political establishment. His Problem Solvers caucus is a tentacle of the same political establishment that abets our national corruption and richly funds his campaign. The fact remains, that the Washington, DC swamp is a bi-partisan creation that cannot be addressed by the insiders who personally profit from it. It takes an outsider who understands that, to move us forward. That’s just plain common sense.

In the wake of last year’s riots, Josh Gottheimer has chosen the fashionable, establishment route declaring war on law enforcement and the people whose lives and property depend on the shield that law enforcement provides. While Gottheimer seeks to tear down the successful, bi-partisan “tough on crime” measures of the past forty years – like mandatory sentencing for major crimes against life and property – he wants to expand criminal enforcement of so-called “thought crimes” – what we used to call “free speech”. This is straight from the Leninist playbook and runs counter to everything this Country represents.       

His failure to stand up to Speaker Nancy Pelosi when her COVID aid formula denied funding to much of his district – and which he rewarded her for with his vote – was a failure of courage. His silence and refusal to speak out in defense of the more than 8,000 seniors and veterans across New Jersey who died as a result of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders, is another failure of courage. These times demand less failure and more courage from our elected representatives, and Josh Gottheimer doesn’t appear to be up to the job.  Where Josh has failed to act, I will act without fail.

It’s time to replace him with someone who has the courage to represent the citizens of the 5th District. In the coming months, I hope to demonstrate that I am that person.


President Trump Endorses Pallotta for Congress

October 31, 2020

Ramsey, NJ ~ President Donald J. Trump has endorsed Republican Businessman Frank Pallotta for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District, saying Pallotta will be “a great Congressman for the terrific people of New Jersey.”“He is strong on the Economy & Jobs, Low Taxes, the Military, our Brave Law Enforcement, and your Second Amendment. Trump tweeted. “Frank has my complete and total endorsement. #NJ05”

Pallotta responded to the President’s endorsement: “It’s an honor to receive President Trump’s official endorsement, and I look forward to a big win on Tuesday. We must say no to Democrat Josh Gottheimer, who does not represent the interests of our district.”

“Please remember to return your official mail-in ballot to a secure ballot drop box before November 3. Let’s make sure our votes are casted and the right leaders are elected.”

Pallotta for Congress Releases New Video

October 30, 2020

Ramsey, NJ ~ Today, Republican Frank Pallotta’s campaign released a video on social media blasting Democrat Josh Gottheimer for his position at the notorious Public Relations firm, Burson-Marsteller. 

The beginning of Pallotta’s new video says, “Instead of calling his constituents names like racists, and domestic terrorists, Josh Gottheimer should explain what he did as the Executive Vice President at an unsavory corporation known as Burson-Marsteller.”

Burson-Marsteller is known as the firm hired by the Saudi Arabian government after the 9/11 attacks, various dictatorships, as well as several governments accused of genocide.

Pallotta’s video contains a few clips of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow describing Gottheimer’s firm: 

“When evil needs public relations, evil has Burson-Marsteller on speed dial.”

Private Text Reveals Gottheimer Ignored Dying Veterans in Paramus Facility

October 27, 2020

Republican candidate Frank Pallotta is releasing the following information about events that transpired in April regarding Josh Gottheimer’s refusal to support first responders and Veterans amid the COVID-19 pandemic: 

“Josh Gottheimer loves to mention how much he cares about veterans, seniors, and first responders. However, I think it is important for his district to know that when Josh Gottheimer was asked to visit the grounds of the Paramus Veterans Memorial Home to stand outside the facility and show our Veterans he cares about them, he declined to even show up. 

 Former Deputy Commissioner of NJ Military and Veteran Affairs, Mark Piterski said that he personally asked the Congressman to come to the facility in a show of support for our brave Veterans and care workers who had been working around the clock. He even gave the Congressman the option to stand more than 150 feet away from the building, but he still refused to show up.  

Gottheimer’s text response from his own cell phone stated: ‘Right now we are trying to set a good example – unless we absolutely need to be somewhere.’ He also suggested he’s “not essential” and could record ‘a thank you’ instead, so he wouldn’t have to leave his home. 

Gottheimer blamed Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order, explaining that the Order declared it ‘non-essential’ for him to be there. It’s clear that Gottheimer could have easily stood in the parking lot more than 50 yards away from the main entrance, to wave to our first responders and affirm his support. 

I cannot fathom what went through the Congressman’s head that he couldn’t simply stand alone in a parking lot to acknowledge their service and good work. How ‘non-essential’ are veterans and first responders in his district? These Veterans fought around the globe for our freedom, and Josh couldn’t drive 5 miles to show his respect. He could have worn a mask, or even a hazmat suit, to give our dying veterans and brave health care workers at least a wave of support. Leaders are supposed to lead. Clearly Josh didn’t get that memo. 

Josh Gottheimer’s proposed bill to ‘protect seniors in long-term care facilities from COVID-19’ is insulting, given the fact that many of those deaths could have been avoided, had he acted appropriately. Josh was in a position to help minimize those deaths, but refused to speak up. Josh Gottheimer is now attempting to pour water on a fire after it already burned the house down, with everyone inside.”

Pallotta Issues Statement on Gottheimer’s Special Interest Money

October 26, 2020

RAMSEY, NJ – Frank Pallotta, Republican Congressional candidate from New Jersey’s 5th District released the following statement regarding Josh Gottheimer’s Special Interest Donors.

 In live zoom debate last night, it was revealed that my opponent, Josh Gottheimer, receives more than 70% of his campaign donations from outside his state, and nearly 80% from outside of his district; and yet he attacked me for using my own money on my own campaign.  Josh has also refused to acknowledge when asked, that he wouldn’t be indebted to those large corporate donors and special interests.

 It was also discovered that 10 out of his top 20 donors are Wall Street investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms, confirming that he would be beholden to their special interests and not to the people in his district who he was elected to serve. 

Josh represents the worst of Washington insiders, and the primary reason there is such mistrust in our political process.


Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) endorses Frank Pallotta for Congress

October 16, 2020

Congressman Andy Biggs, representing Arizona’s 5th district, has endorsed New Jersey’s 5th District Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta. 

“Frank Pallotta has the strength of character to withstand the forces in Washington, D.C. constantly trying to drag Members of Congress away from the people’s interests. Frank Pallotta will work for life, for marriage, and for our Second Amendment rights, all of which are under attack by Nancy Pelosi and her radical followers,” Biggs said. “Most important, Frank Pallotta will stand up for America, its fighting forces, and its flag, which too many in the Democratic Party seem intent on tearing down today.”

 “I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Frank Pallotta for Congress, and encourage all patriotic Americans in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District to support him.” 

“Congressman Biggs has been the voice of conservative leadership in the House as well as his time in the Arizona legislature . His steadfast, conservative principles run the gamut from economic and educational to faith and family. I am honored to receive his endorsement and look forward to working with Congressman Biggs to ensure our conservative values are protected and our freedoms, preserved.” 

 Biggs is serving in his second term as congressman. Prior to that, he served in the Arizona Legislature for 14 years.

Frank Pallotta Says Gottheimer and Murphy Despise Law & Order

October 8, 2020

According to, Gov. Phil Murphy plans to sign a bill releasing thousands of criminals from jail on November 4th, the day after Election Day.  

Frank Pallotta, businessman and Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th District, released the following statement: 

“Our Congressman, Josh Gottheimer is clearly taking a hard stance against Law & Order and against the people of my district. Let’s take a look at the facts: 

1. Josh Gottheimer voted to allow cashless bail for dangerous criminals.

2. Josh Gottheimer voted against $600 million in funding for law enforcement. 

3. Josh Gottheimer co-sponsored HR7120, which removes legal protections from police officers, exposing them to criminal charges for simply doing their jobs. 

4. Josh Gottheimer remains silent while his buddy, Phil Murphy, plans to release criminals from our jails, and let them back into our cities the day after the election.” 

Pallotta continued, “By remaining silent on this reckless, dangerous plan by Gov. Murphy, Josh Gottheimer is enabling crime to flood our streets and making it known that he is 100% anti-police and pro-crime, with no backbone. Knocking almost a year off these criminals’ sentences sends a clear message to criminals that they will not be held accountable for their actions.”  

(Source: Gottheimer’s Roll Call Vote #214, 10/1/20, H.R.925)

Pallotta Talks Gottheimer, Murphy Nursing Home Deaths and Vote-by-Mail on Tele Town Hall

September 29, 2020

Monday night, Frank Pallotta, Republican Candidate for Congress in NJ-5 held a Telephone Town Hall to discuss how Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 103 resulted in 7,000 nursing and veterans’ home residents’ deaths, and why Congressman Josh Gottheimer continues to ignore the facts and defend Murphy.

The 11,000 NJ-5 residents that participated in the Town Hall listened to special guest, Jennifer Jean Miller, the journalist who is known for breaking the story of the COVID-19 scandal in northwest New Jersey. Her story appeared in the New Jersey Heraldthe New York Times, and her work was the subject of an ABC News Nightline report.

Pallotta answered questions having to do with a myriad of related topics, such as the Vote-by-Mail Executive Order signed by the Governor, restricting the use of voting machines and mailing a ballot to every registered household in the state. His answer to a question was as follows: 

“The data indicates we should be opened up almost fully at this point. The Governor is keeping this state closed, in my mind, for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, vote by mail… He’s keeping this state closed so he can push this vote by mail initiative down the throats of Republicans. Why? Because Democrats tend to vote by mail more than Republicans.”

The lack of COVID-19 funding for Sussex and Warren Counties in the first version of the CARES Act, as well as relief for struggling small businesses and the unemployed were also among the topics addressed.

To learn more about Frank Pallotta and his campaign against career politician, Josh Gottheimer, please visit

Pallotta asks CD05 Freeholders to pass resolutions supporting wounded law enforcement officers

September 17, 2020

Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta sent a letter to District 5 Freeholders in Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren Counties, asking them to pass a formal resolution in support of two wounded Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies shot over the weekend by an assailant. Pallotta’s letter also requests that the Freeholders condemn the actions of protestors who gathered outside the hospital where the two were taken. According to numerous media reports, some of those protestors were heard to shout that they wished the officers would die. 

Bergen County is holding its Freeholder Board meeting on the 23rd. Passaic County will hold its meeting on the 22nd. Sussex and Warren Counties hold their meetings on the 23rd. The full text of Pallotta’s letter follows:

Chairwoman Freeholder Mary J. Amoroso

Vice Chairwoman Freeholder Dr. Joan M. Voss

Chair Pro Tempore Freeholder Steven A. Tanelli

Freeholder David L. Ganz

Freeholder Germaine M. Ortiz

Freeholder Thomas J. Sullivan

Freeholder Tracy Silna Zur

Freeholder Lara Rodriguez

Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara

Freeholder Deputy Director Pat Lepore

Freeholder Assad Akhter

Freeholder John W. Bartlett, Esq.

Freeholder T.J. Best

Freeholder Terry Duffy

Freeholder Bruce James

 Freeholder Director Richard D. Gardner

Freeholder Deputy Director James R. Kern, III

Freeholder Jason J. Sarnoski

Freeholder Director Sylvia Petillo

Freeholder Deputy Director Dawn Fantasia

Freeholder Herbert Yardley

Freeholder Josh Hertzberg

Freeholder Anthony Fasano

You have no doubt heard all about the attempted assassination of two Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies over the weekend. This heinous act of attempted murder strikes at the heart of American civilization. In the absence of citizen law enforcement, our country would descend into barbarism, into the most evil kind of “might makes right” scenario. 

Unfortunately, this is a policy objective for some today. The “defund the police” crowd either callously doesn’t care about what happens to the vulnerable in their communities or they are actively anticipating it and hoping for it. We saw some of the latter at work over the weekend, when protestors gathered at the hospital where the wounded deputies had been taken, to chant that they hoped the officers would die. This was an act devoid of humanity.

I am calling on you, as representatives of the people of your respective counties, to pass individual resolutions by each county Freeholder Board, in support of the two wounded Sheriff Deputies and their wounded colleagues across our country, and to condemn the actions of those protestors who called for their deaths.

I would be willing to address your Freeholder Board if asked.

Thank you.

Frank Pallotta

Murphy administration joins radical Left in ripping down American flags

September 8, 2020

GOP congressional candidate Frank Pallotta asked the Murphy administration today to “cease and desist” their attempts to remove the American flag from being displayed openly and proudly on Turnpike overpasses.  

“For months we have been seeing an assault by the radical Left on the memory of patriotic Americans from Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt. Memorials of Abolitionists in the war against slavery have been defaced, as have memorials to heroes like the men of the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry,” Pallotta said. 

“Now, in the days leading up to the Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, the administration of Governor Phil Murphy has been removing the American flag from Turnpike overpasses.” 

Yesterday, New Jersey 101.5 reported: 

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority acknowledged last week it has removed flags from highway overpasses — a move that’s upset veterans groups and at least one police union in the days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Robbinsville PBA. Local 344 said in a Facebook post Sunday it had recently purchased more than a dozen flags to replace ones that had gone missing or become tattered on the overpasses covering the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 195. 

“The amount of support we received via social media and throughout town was incredible, and our post (about replacing flags) reached nearly 8,000 viewers,” the PBA wrote. “The reason we decided to replace the flags was to continue the tradition of honoring our veterans and those lost in service for our country. American flags have been flown on overpasses throughout the state and throughout the nation since 9/11.”

But the PBA said it instead learned the Turnpike Authority has been removing flags, replacing them with signs regarding an administrative code about advertisements or improper material posted as road signage. 

“We cannot understand why the NJTPA. has suddenly decided to abandon a tradition of patriotism and respect for our veterans. It is not known what happened to the brand new flags that we put up, but we truly hope they were respectfully disposed of, if not displayed elsewhere,” the PBA wrote. 

Its concerns echo those of veterans quoted by News 12 late last month, when the station reported a flag had been taken down from the Woodbridge Avenue overpass of the Turnpike. It cited a veterans group that had been caring for flags on the overpass for 20 years. 

The Murphy administration’s excuse for removing the American flags from public property is that Turnpike Authority regulations “do not allow it.” The Murphy administration explained to NJ 101.5 that it is a “long-standing policy” to prohibit flags, signs, or banners by private parties on authority property. 

“So why now?” Pallotta noted: “At a time when regulations are ignored so that protestors can block roads and paint slogans on them, the Murphy administration is choosing to jump on the Leftist bandwagon to eradicate all things American. And they are doing so after just slapping a huge toll and tax increase on the citizens who use those roads.”  

“The workers who are assigned to take down those American flags should simply refuse. They should go on strike as an act of conscience, an act of free speech.”

 “If Phil Murphy wanted to, he could end this controversy with the stroke of a pen. Sign one of his executive orders like those he used to take away our freedoms under the Bill of Rights,” Pallotta said. “First our freedoms. Now, our flag.”