Pallotta asks CD05 Freeholders to pass resolutions supporting wounded law enforcement officers

September 17, 2020

Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta sent a letter to District 5 Freeholders in Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren Counties, asking them to pass a formal resolution in support of two wounded Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies shot over the weekend by an assailant. Pallotta’s letter also requests that the Freeholders condemn the actions of protestors who gathered outside the hospital where the two were taken. According to numerous media reports, some of those protestors were heard to shout that they wished the officers would die. 

Bergen County is holding its Freeholder Board meeting on the 23rd. Passaic County will hold its meeting on the 22nd. Sussex and Warren Counties hold their meetings on the 23rd. The full text of Pallotta’s letter follows:

Chairwoman Freeholder Mary J. Amoroso

Vice Chairwoman Freeholder Dr. Joan M. Voss

Chair Pro Tempore Freeholder Steven A. Tanelli

Freeholder David L. Ganz

Freeholder Germaine M. Ortiz

Freeholder Thomas J. Sullivan

Freeholder Tracy Silna Zur

Freeholder Lara Rodriguez

Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara

Freeholder Deputy Director Pat Lepore

Freeholder Assad Akhter

Freeholder John W. Bartlett, Esq.

Freeholder T.J. Best

Freeholder Terry Duffy

Freeholder Bruce James

 Freeholder Director Richard D. Gardner

Freeholder Deputy Director James R. Kern, III

Freeholder Jason J. Sarnoski

Freeholder Director Sylvia Petillo

Freeholder Deputy Director Dawn Fantasia

Freeholder Herbert Yardley

Freeholder Josh Hertzberg

Freeholder Anthony Fasano

You have no doubt heard all about the attempted assassination of two Los Angeles Sheriff Deputies over the weekend. This heinous act of attempted murder strikes at the heart of American civilization. In the absence of citizen law enforcement, our country would descend into barbarism, into the most evil kind of “might makes right” scenario. 

Unfortunately, this is a policy objective for some today. The “defund the police” crowd either callously doesn’t care about what happens to the vulnerable in their communities or they are actively anticipating it and hoping for it. We saw some of the latter at work over the weekend, when protestors gathered at the hospital where the wounded deputies had been taken, to chant that they hoped the officers would die. This was an act devoid of humanity.

I am calling on you, as representatives of the people of your respective counties, to pass individual resolutions by each county Freeholder Board, in support of the two wounded Sheriff Deputies and their wounded colleagues across our country, and to condemn the actions of those protestors who called for their deaths.

I would be willing to address your Freeholder Board if asked.

Thank you.

Frank Pallotta