Murphy administration joins radical Left in ripping down American flags

September 8, 2020

GOP congressional candidate Frank Pallotta asked the Murphy administration today to “cease and desist” their attempts to remove the American flag from being displayed openly and proudly on Turnpike overpasses.  

“For months we have been seeing an assault by the radical Left on the memory of patriotic Americans from Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt. Memorials of Abolitionists in the war against slavery have been defaced, as have memorials to heroes like the men of the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry,” Pallotta said. 

“Now, in the days leading up to the Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, the administration of Governor Phil Murphy has been removing the American flag from Turnpike overpasses.” 

Yesterday, New Jersey 101.5 reported: 

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority acknowledged last week it has removed flags from highway overpasses — a move that’s upset veterans groups and at least one police union in the days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Robbinsville PBA. Local 344 said in a Facebook post Sunday it had recently purchased more than a dozen flags to replace ones that had gone missing or become tattered on the overpasses covering the New Jersey Turnpike and Route 195. 

“The amount of support we received via social media and throughout town was incredible, and our post (about replacing flags) reached nearly 8,000 viewers,” the PBA wrote. “The reason we decided to replace the flags was to continue the tradition of honoring our veterans and those lost in service for our country. American flags have been flown on overpasses throughout the state and throughout the nation since 9/11.”

But the PBA said it instead learned the Turnpike Authority has been removing flags, replacing them with signs regarding an administrative code about advertisements or improper material posted as road signage. 

“We cannot understand why the NJTPA. has suddenly decided to abandon a tradition of patriotism and respect for our veterans. It is not known what happened to the brand new flags that we put up, but we truly hope they were respectfully disposed of, if not displayed elsewhere,” the PBA wrote. 

Its concerns echo those of veterans quoted by News 12 late last month, when the station reported a flag had been taken down from the Woodbridge Avenue overpass of the Turnpike. It cited a veterans group that had been caring for flags on the overpass for 20 years. 

The Murphy administration’s excuse for removing the American flags from public property is that Turnpike Authority regulations “do not allow it.” The Murphy administration explained to NJ 101.5 that it is a “long-standing policy” to prohibit flags, signs, or banners by private parties on authority property. 

“So why now?” Pallotta noted: “At a time when regulations are ignored so that protestors can block roads and paint slogans on them, the Murphy administration is choosing to jump on the Leftist bandwagon to eradicate all things American. And they are doing so after just slapping a huge toll and tax increase on the citizens who use those roads.”  

“The workers who are assigned to take down those American flags should simply refuse. They should go on strike as an act of conscience, an act of free speech.”

 “If Phil Murphy wanted to, he could end this controversy with the stroke of a pen. Sign one of his executive orders like those he used to take away our freedoms under the Bill of Rights,” Pallotta said. “First our freedoms. Now, our flag.”