Pallotta Asks Gottheimer to Take a Stand Against Democrat Plan to Replace Farmland and Forests with Solar Power Plants

September 3, 2020

Republican Candidate for Congress in NJ-05, Frank Pallotta, asked incumbent Democrat Josh Gottheimer to stand up for the environment and oppose Democrat efforts to replace farmland and forests with solar power plants of 800 or more acres. Pointing to a report in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Pallotta issued the following challenge to Congressman Gottheimer:

“Josh Gottheimer’s fellow New Jersey Democrats have introduced a new “progressive” energy plan that will result in the permanent destruction of thousands of acres of farmland and forests. Taking his cue from Phil and Tammy Murphy, State Senator Bob Smith (D-17), the boss of the powerful Senate Environmental Committee, has introduced a new plan to install solar panels on farm and forest land across New Jersey. The Democrats’ plan restores taxpayer-supported subsidies to corporations and their hedge fund backers in order to make these solar projects economically profitable. 

 Furey told the Inquirer: ‘We don’t want energy interests coming in and dictating to local planning boards.  We don’t want it on prime agricultural land.’ 

If Josh Gottheimer is serious about his commitment to the environment, then he should immediately take a stand against this disatorious idea being pushed by his party and protect the taxpayers of the fifth district from it.