Pallotta Slams Gottheimer for Protecting Phil Murphy

August 26, 2020

RAMSEY, NJ –  Congressman Josh Gottheimer is once again covering for his friend, our disastrous Governor, Phil Murphy. Yesterday, Josh co-wrote an opinion piece regarding the Paramus Veterans Home crisis which resulted in 148 lives lost. Josh “demanded accountability” on this issue, except his piece left out the name of a certain Governor in the article…. Phil Murphy.  

Josh’s piece was 1,115 words, and not once in those 1,115 words was Phil Murphy mentioned. Not once did he demand for his accountability and not once did he mention Executive Order 103, where Murphy FORCED the Paramus Veterans Memorial Home to take patients with the virus. His negligence resulted in 148 deaths. 

By comparison, Massachusetts’ Republican Governor has been handling his state’s crisis a lot differently. Within hours of being made aware of the crisis, Governor Charlie Baker immediately took action. Baker put the official in charge on leave, launched an independent investigation, has been interviewing over 100 witnesses, and looking at thousands of documents. In addition, they sent many sick veterans to local hospitals when staff at that facility began calling in sick. As a result, the number of nursing home deaths in that state is a fraction of New Jersey’s. 

Unlike Massachusetts, New Jersey is unfortunately stuck with a Governor who refuses to take any responsibility for his mistakes. There is also no indication that the Murphy Administration will conduct an independent investigation.  

The people of the Fifth District deserve both answers and accountability. Our Governor should be giving us these answers, and when he does not, our Congressman should be demanding them.

But instead Congressman Josh Gottheimer has made it clear that his top priority is to defend his friend and fellow Democrat, instead of the people of Bergen County.