Former Oakland Councilman Urges Voters to Elect Frank Pallotta

June 23, 2020

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Many of us have heard the saying– elections have consequences. This year’s primary for NJ’s 5th congressional district race is certainly one of those elections.

In this year’s race I am proud to support Frank Pallotta as the best and most capable Republican candidate to represent the residents in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district.

As I have come to know Frank, I see in him a person with tremendous business acumen and in possession of the necessary skills needed to bring sound fiscal and monetary policy to Washington. Frank comes from a humble background and has shown me that he is a compassionate leader who has made it a priority to look out for not only our seniors that are struggling to make ends meet, but he has deep concern for our veterans as well as our children as he believes it’s not sound policy to pass to them the burdens of our current multi-trillion dollar national debt.

Frank is a family man who understands the pressures of raising a family in New Jersey and he is committed to working tirelessly for the residents of the 5th District to restore the SALT tax deduction and ensuring our great State receives its fair share of federal funding for essential infrastructure projects.

Now more than ever we need a representative who is not a political insider. Frank Pallotta is that man. He is not a part of the Bergen Country political establishment, which means he is not beholden to anyone, except – We the People!

It is for the reasons I cited above, and many more, that I fully endorse and highly recommend Frank Pallotta to be our Republican representative in NJ’s 5th Congressional District.

Frank Di Pentima

Former Oakland Republican Councilman – (2006 – 2011)
Past multiple term President of the Oakland Republican Club
Current County Committee Member for Oakland