Sussex County Freeholders Unanimously Endorse Pallotta for Congress

February 13, 2020

MAHWAH – Today, all five Sussex County Freeholders – Director Sylvia Petillo, Deputy Director Dawn Fantasia, Herb Yardley, Josh Hertzberg, and Anthony Fasano – made the following statement in support of Republican Frank Pallotta’s campaign for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District:

“We were introduced to Frank Pallotta last year, when he came to the aid of Sussex County taxpayers who were questioning the Murphy administration’s Immigration Trust Directive. Our Board, led by Herb Yardley and Sylvia Petillo, was pushing back against the Murphy administration’s so-called Immigration Trust Directive.

Governor Phil Murphy tried to tell our county Sheriff that he couldn’t cooperate with federal law enforcement to secure our borders and protect our communities – from crime, from the illegal importation of opioids, even from epidemics deemed a threat by the World Health Organization. Our Freeholder Board voted to place a question on the ballot to allow the voters to decide whether or not our Sheriff should ignore Murphy and work with federal law enforcement.

Frank Pallotta stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our Freeholder Board and our Sheriff. Frank ran radio ads supporting the ballot question and the people’s right to vote. No other candidate for Congress did that.

Frank Pallotta does more than just talk. He steps up and joins the fight. We support Frank Pallotta for Congress.”

“I am tremendously honored to have the unanimous support of the Sussex County Freeholders because they have a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is leadership style that I very much admire. They boldly stood up against Phil Murphy’s radical immigration directive with absolutely no help from their do-nothing representative in Congress Josh Gottheimer. When I go to Washington, I will make sure these great communities have the support they need and deserve,” said Frank Pallotta.